How to Use Twitter
How to Use Twitter - If you, like many other businesses has discovered the power that Twitter has to get you noticed you need to know how to use that power effectively. Posting multiple Tweets throughout the day may not be enough to help your company benefit from everything that Twitter has to offer. By using the tools we have listed you will be able to focus and post your Tweets more effectively and efficiently.

How to Use Twitter - There are many beneficial reasons why you should have a Twitter account for your business. It allows you to potentially reach millions of people with just one click and helps provide your business with a more approachable online persona. But simply creating an account isn't enough, for your Twitter account to be productive it needs to be properly used and constantly managed. Below we are going to offer you some other helpful tips to make your Twitter account more efficient for you to use.

    Use Buffer - Buffer allows you to store your Tweets and have them posted at different times throughout the day. Using Buffer will also provide you with useful information regarding all of the tweets that you make in a day. For each Tweet that is made from your Twitter account you will receive analytics which will tell you how many clicks and Re-tweets you have accumulated during the day.
    Provide Your Tweets With A Longer Life - In the normal world a Tweet will only survive for a few days at the most. If you would like your Tweets to last longer you should be using Twylah. Twylah creates a Brand Page for your business and lists all of the Tweets from your stream on this page. By doing this you allow your followers to learn more about the topics you have tweeted about. Twylah also offers users the ability to send a Power Tweet which will be posted to a Twylah page that is surrounded by similar content. Power Tweets have been shown to increase follower participation.
    Post Your Tweets At The Optimal Time - Some Twitter users feel that by posting various posts throughout the day is an effective way to get your information out to the public. But by using Tweriod you will be provided with an analysis of when your Tweets will reach the most followers. Tweriod uses the past performance of your Tweets and determines when most of your followers are online and active. This will allow you to Tweet more effectively and reach more people.

Twitter can be an important part of your online marketing campaign when used efficiently. It provides you with the ability to reach many people all at once and share information about your services and products. Adding any of the above tools to your current Twitter routine will help your Tweets be more effective and posted at the appropriate times of the day.


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